Sound Designer &
Re-Recording Mixer

Tudor Petre




During the communist dictatorship in Romania (1945-1989), thousands of people risked their lives in the attempt to run away from the country. Despair made them invent the most incredible methods to cross the border illegally. Some of them managed to escape, but many lost their lives in these attempts.

OXYGEN is a free re-enactment of such a real case: a man who tried to cross the Danube illegally using an oxygen cylinder. Yet, the facts are reinterpreted in a highly subjective vision.  At the crossover between fiction and documentary, blending beautifully shot imagined re-enactment and strange archive materials, in visuals and sounds of haunting quality, the film depicts an emotional landscape, a man’s inner journey towards a healing hereafter.

40 minutes, HD, documentary, Romania

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