Sound Designer &
Re-Recording Mixer

Tudor Petre



Once a week, Frank visits Eva.
One day, being very tired, he falls asleep in her bed.

Jury Statement, ZONTA Award – Oberhausen Film Festival 2013: “Created as an experimental set-up between actress and director, the film feels its way into the memories and physicality of its protagonist. Looks, gestures and smells combine to form a narrative of great beauty. The tension between desire and fulfilment is sketched through the history of a body; a slow affirmation of the sensual present moment begins. This set-up of a documentary-fictional improvisation has a lasting effect.”

Eva van Heijningen
Frank Martijn Maria Smits

Director/Scriptwriter: Adina Pintilie
Director of photography: Birgit Moller
Editing: Adina Pintilie
Sound design: Tudor Petre
Associate producer: Binger Filmlab Amsterdam and DIGITAL CUBE
Produced by: MANEKINO FILM with the support of the Romanian National Cinema Center

ZONTA Award – Oberhausen International Film Festival (02-07.05.2013) – International Competition(world premiere)
Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival, Brazil, 2013
Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria, 2014